Week of Rain, Hippopotamus, and Paraguayan Family


19 December 2016

Hello my friends! I hope you are enjoying this wonderful Christmas
season. Because I sure am! And I hope all of your cargar tíos are fed,
and pooping! Because Connor and Glenn’s sure are!

Let us begin.

This week it rained  4 days out of 7. And one of the days, I was not
prepared. Streets flooded, and people were hiding under everything
that they could find. But as missionaries we share our message of God
in sun, snow, sleet, wind, floods, fire, pestilence, sickness, Catalan
holidays, and cold weather. It Was raining very hard, like I said, I
was not prepared, and I ended up getting soaked that day. We got into
a Piso, and I took a picture in the elevator. Next to my dry

I regret nothing.

This week we also went to ” the miracle store” we call it. Because
whenever we go to that store, we find a miracle there. So we were
there, and we contacted a lady from Paraguay, we talked about mate
with her, and she invited us to her house to drink mate. So we went
over there, and there was a family of 7 there. Waiting for us. So we
get in there, talk about mate, and then they bring the mate out. Quick
story about mate. The people that drink mate, especially serious
people like those from Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay, get offended
very easily. I’m talking about, if you drink from the bombilla wrong,
if you tilt it wrong, if you hand it back wrong, if you make a weird
face after drinking it, even if you look at the mate wrong, they will
throw you out of their house, and never talk to you again. Elder Fix
knows. So you have to be very careful about that.

I’m serious, these people would die for their mate.

Anyway, we got there, and I’m so ready, because Elder Ipsen trained me
for this. So elder Ipsen drinks the mate no problem, perfectly. And
then it comes to me, I take it and take a fat rip from the bombilla,
and I burned my mouth like I never had before. But I play it off super
cool, and finish it off. At that point, when the mate came to me
again, I couldn’t even taste the flavor, and it wasn’t as hot anymore.
Because my mouth couldn’t get any more burnt 🔥. But it’s good now. A
few days after that experience, I had blisters on my tounge, but I’m
good now. I also learned the technique so I don’t burn my mouth again.
We are meeting with them today after emailing, so it was worth it.
Anything for the baptism.

We found a hippopotamus statue in a park today. For preparation day we
went for a walk around a park with our district. It was actually
really fun because I could do some parkour moves that I Had not done
for a while. It was a nice little break. We also found this crazy guy
that was standing next to a spout coming out of a stone wall. While We
were watching him, he started punching the wall. Hard. He kept
punching it until his hands started bleeding, then he would wash it
off with the spout, and keep punching the wall.

We left that area pretty quick.

Transfers are this week, and we will see what happens. Elder Ipsen
only has 1 transfer left ( because he extended his mission) and I
don’t think they will keep me here, because if they do, I would have
to stay in Terrassa for 5 transfers, which is a long time. I will tell
you all what happens on Tuesday when I email.

Thanks for all the love, and packages! I hope all of you are watching
the light the world videos, and doing the challenge! Have a Bon Nadal!

-Elder Jesse Dye



Week of Christmas, Intercambios and did I mention Christmas?


12 Deccember 2016

Hello all! This week was great. Like normal. Although like everyplace else, it’s getting colder. But that’s ok! Just makes it a little harder to find people to teach, because nobody wants to talk to you. 1 because it’s cold, and 2. Because nobody wants to talk about God. But it is what it is.
I hope everybody is enjoying their Christmas-time! Here, all the things are being bought, and the cargar tíos are being beaten.
Ahhhhhh, good old Christmas. Christmas here, and Christmas in Utah are two very different things.
Really nothing different happened at all this week. But one thing that is going on is that our investigator carina is progressing again. Recently she hit a plane where she wasn’t really progressing. But recently we all have been praying that she will progress. And recently she hasn’t been progressing because she’s been too worried about her son, who drinks every day and works. So we all have been praying for a while. And then last week we get a call that her son got into a car crash, and rolled the car a few times. But he was ok. But the car was totaled. This miracle made all of them see that God is there, and that he cares for his children. They have all begun to progress again. God works in mysterious ways.
We had a zone enfoque this week to get us into the Christmas spirit. We all got Santa hats, and after, we bought a tree. In our district we all have a challenge of who can decorate their Piso the best. Our Piso is going to win of course. I’ll put a picture of our tree on here. It’s blue for baptism blue!
I have a scripture,
Ether 12, 6-9
6 And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.
7 For it was by faith that Christ showed himself unto our fathers, after he had risen from the dead; and he showed not himself unto them until after they had faith in him; wherefore, it must needs be that some had faith in him, for he showed himself not unto the world.
8 But because of the faith of men he has shown himself unto the world, and glorified the name of the Father, and prepared a way that thereby others might be partakers of the heavenly gift, that they might hope for those things which they have not seen.
9 Wherefore, ye may also have hope, and be partakers of the gift, if ye will but have faith.
Moroni 7 34-37
34 And he hath said: Repent all ye ends of the earth, and come unto me, and be baptized in my name, and have faith in me, that ye may be saved.
35 And now, my beloved brethren, if this be the case that these things are true which I have spoken unto you, and God will show unto you, with power and great glory at the last day, that they are true, and if they are true has the day of miracles ceased?
36 Or have angels ceased to appear unto the children of men? Or has he withheld the power of the Holy Ghost from them? Or will he, so long as time shall last, or the earth shall stand, or there shall be one man upon the face thereof to be saved?
37 Behold I say unto you, Nay; for it is by faith that miracles are wrought; and it is by faith that angels appear and minister unto men; wherefore, if these things have ceased wo be unto the children of men, for it is because of unbelief, and all is vain.
Ladies and gentlemen, here we see that by faith, all things are done. If you haven’t received revelation, or think you haven’t felt the spirit in a while. Look at yourself. Take a step back, and look at what you’re doing. Are you reading your scriptures? Are you praying with real intent? Are you following the commandments? Maybe you need to change some things. 
Last one DyC 82 10
10 I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise.
God promises to bless us. Take his hand, and obey. I promise you’ll be happier than you are right now. I love you all, and have a great week!
-Elder Jesse Dye

Week of Intercambios, Muslims, and more…..


5 December 2016

First of all, if you haven’t made a cargar tío, get on that. It will
bring the magic of Christmas directly into your homes and your hearts.
Glenn is my witness. As soon as he gets a face on that little log, it
will be like the windows of Christmas have been opened.

Cargar tío = ⛄️ 🌲 🎄 🎅 ❄️ ☃️🌨

Let us begin

To be honest, really nothing has happened this week that is out of the
ordinary. We had two intercambios this week. I had one with Elder
Mallet and another one with Elder Ormsby. The one with Elder Mallet
was good because we were able to come in contact with an investigator
that we had lost contact with. We talked to him, and set a day that we
can come back. In the other intercambio I also learned a lot. This is
where the Muslim part comes in.
To start it off, I know a lot about The Muslim religion.

A lot.

Like, to the point where I am learning the Arabic language, and
answering other people’s questions about what the Muslims believe in.

But anyway, so all of our visits fired and we were stuck in Les Fonts
(the old village with the castle) and we had no one to visit or pass
by. So we decided the only thing we could do was do some good old door
knocking. We found a lot of old, crazy people. Including a lady we
found on the street that talked to herself constantly. But whilst
knocking doors (again) we found a family of Muslims. Surprisingly,
they both spoke really good Spanish… better than me, but they have
10 years here…anyway, we found this family and had a good old talk.
I talked to them about what the Muslims believe in, and what the
Mormons believe in also. We had a nice little talk about the Koran and
the Book Of Mormon. They eventually invited us in to eat a little of
their Muslim food. I’ll put a picture. They said that we were very
nice, and that they almost didn’t open the door. They looked through
and thought we were selling something, so they didn’t want to open it.
But then they did. And we were both edified. That helped me see that
the best way to approach people about their religion, is to know a
little about theirs, and not try to be mean, or forte. Keep an open
mind, and the Spirit will help you.

I also finished the Book of Mormon today. I really love the last two
books of the Book of Mormon. I challenge you all to focus on the Book
of Mormon. Because it will bring the spirit into your life.

And also make a cargar tío.

I love you all, and thank you for your emails and love! Until next week!

I’m sending a picture of me eating something. It’s called Indio
viejo….. translates to ” old Indian” … it was pretty good.


Cargar Tio


28 November 2016

 This is a HUGE THING in Cataluña. I want you all to make one of these.
It means ” pooping uncle” and it is a tradición and culture. It’s just
a dried log, with two arms, a hat, and a face. If you want, you can
put a blanket over it to keep it warm. Back in the day everyone was
poor, and had nothing. So this time of year, everyone needed a cargar
tío. What you do is get a smaller stick, and hit the back of the
cargar tío, to make it poop bark. Or fall apart.

And that is all

and you have to yell ” cargar tío” while you are abusing this poor
little log, the whole time.

I want EVERYONE to get yourselves one of these. They are great. 👍

PS, don’t forget to feed the cargar tío first.

Have fun

-Elder Jesse Dye

Week of Christmas, Dogs, and Angry People


28 November 2016

Hello my friends, how’s it going? For me, this week has been pretty
crazy, but that is basically normal now. Vamos a saber.

First of all, it was Thanksgiving, and all of us totally forgot! But
one of us remembered and we went to McDonald’s.

Not the best Thanksgiving feast that I’ve had, but it was good. We
were full when we walked out of there, and we were thankful. So
mission accomplished I guess.

Also, it is getting colder and colder here. Also very rainy, the other
day we didn’t have an umbrella, and it started raining really hard.
Really hard. The streets started to flood and cars were having a hard
time driving on the roads because the water was so deep. And there I
was with my companion. Sharing this tiny umbrella, in the poring rain
☔️. It was fun. But it’s really hard to find souls to teach when the
water is up to your shoes when you walk. So we went to a random Piso
and knocked on the timbre. The grandma that let us in felt bad for us
and opened the front door. So we decided to knock on the doors in that
building. While We were knocking, and I was getting pretty tired of
this rain, and everyone rejecting us, and the language. So I started
to pray that we would be able to see a miracle. Or at least somebody
would open a door, and listen to our message. Right when I finished,
this man opened the door, and invited us in. The lights were out in
his house, but we didn’t care. We taught him why we are here, and
showed him a Mormon message. We have a return visit with him.
That was just a little testimony builder for me, that God answers our
prayers, in HIS way. And in HIS time. Just be patient.

The other day we were knocking doors again, and this one lady thought
that we were Jehovahs Witnesses. So she got mad and she slammed the
door in out faces. But just before she slammed her door on us, her
little tiny dog walked halfway out the door to look at us, just in
time to get its body slammed in the door. Apparently the lady thought
that one of us stuck out foot in the door to stop it, so in her anger,
she opened the door and slammed it again, just in time to catch the
dogs neck in the doorway, as the dog was trying to back up to get out
of the way. 🐶 🚪

That dog may have died. I don’t know, she slammed that door super
hard, and that was a tiny dog! I have no clue, but we’re not going
back there.

Anyway, thanks for the emails, and the love! Until next week!

-Elder Jesse Dye


Week of Rain, Work, and Rain!


21 November 2016

Que tal, que tal, que tal. As you know from the title, thus week it rained a lot. It is getting darker sooner, and we got a new elder in our Piso. His name is elder Downs and he is from the faraway land of Lehi, Utah. I actually used to be the home teacher of his step-mom in Saratoga Springs! Small world! Let us begin.

This week we did a lot of contacting in order to grow our teaching pool. We found a bunch of people, and walked a lot. we found a missionary of an evangelical church and he had a lot of questions, he read the entire Book of Mormon. And we gave him a DyC. He is now reading it. I am exited to see what happens with him. We had a cita scheduled with him last week, and we divided to call him and see if he was still free for the cita. So we called him and he said no, he didn’t want to talk with us. We were suprised, and we went to a different cita. Halfway through this backup cita, we got a call, and it was Juan. He was calling us wondering where we were. So it turns out since everyone’s name is Juan, we ended up calling the wrong Juan.


But last week we were writing out emails and we hear the doorbell, so we go check, and it was Juan! He just randomly decided to pass by and we were there. We were able to set up another cita, and give him the DyC. That was pretty cool.

We were teaching Carina this week, and we were taking about receiving answers to prayers, and it they should be baptized. While I was talking to them about how they can receive answers, I just started feeling so much love for them that it felt like my heart was growing. I actually started crying. I went on to say that we wanted them to be happy, and find this happiness for this time on the earth, and the next life. At the time it was spiritual, but I feel a little weird about it now. Oh well, they weren’t weirded out too much.

I have a little message this week, because nothing really happened! Here it is,

Look at this scripture,

3 Nephi 13: 24 No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and Mammon.

We can choose 2 things, we can choose the things of God, to follow God, and obey and do things that he has asked us. Or we can choose the other path. We can choose the things of this world, worldly things, that are of worth to God.

To put it simply, you can worship God, or you can worship worldly things such as, money, school, friends, video games, or your phone. Yes. When you give more time to your phone than God, you are worshiping your phone over God.

But when should we choose, when should we change our life for the better?

This scripture explains it.

Alma 30: 8 For thus saith the scripture: Choose ye this day, whom ye will serve.

Pretty clear. I challenge all of you, to ONLY GO ON YOUR PHONE WHEN YOU HAVE A SPECIFIC REASON. You can do so many other things, you can read a book, study, read the scriptures, strengthen your testimony, draw, make a song, actually talk to people, you can do whatever. But you can probably be more productive than you are right now.

I have learned so much, and I’m talking  SO MUCH  on my mission so far. A lot. More than I ever learned in seminary or church. My testimony has grown stronger by reading the scriptures and praying about them. Sometimes having a ponder session with some mate and ” if you could hie to Kolob (piano edition)”.

Really though, I challenge you to really think about, and pray about your testimony. And see what you can do to strengthen it. I love you all, and have a good week.

Until next time!

-Elder Jesse Dye (o sea guapitone)


Week of Cold, and Transfers!


15 November 2016

Hello everybody! This week went by great! We had transfers so that is
why I am one day late! Let us begin.

Shoutout to all of my friends who are about to leave in their
missions! Glenn, Erik, Kayden, and Tristan in a while! And Conner who
is out! (the elder from a faraway land) in Nashville
 Tennessee! Spread the gospel!

Also, if you want to send me a package, (who wouldn’t?   🙂  ) send it
to the mission home! It is a lot safer, and the correos people have a
lot of experience with the mission home! Thanks!

First, nothing happened with the transfers, my companion and I are
still in Terrassa. The thing is, it’s getting colder here. Every day
is sweater day and sometimes a little more! I thought it would be

Something cool that happened this week, is that we stayed with Leo at
a family history activity. We were not planning on doing this. We were
actually planning on leaving early. But we stayed and when it was
over, we went a different way than we usually go to our area. On the
way there we contacted a couple that didn’t want anything at first. So
we kept talking to them and eventually they opened up. The man kept
saying that he doesn’t believe in God. But he believes in an energy.
And how 50% of life is the will of this energy, and 50% is chance. and
then told us that they decided to go a different way home that day for
some reason. I was able to bear my testimony that I knew that that
wasn’t chance, and that God wanted them to listen to us. They
eventually accepted a BOM and said they would read it. That helped my
testimony this week.

One thing that went down this week, was our recent convert Leo and I
blessed the sacrament. Both of us for the first time in Spanish. It
was really cool to see Leo up there, sitting beside me ready to bless
the sacrament. I know that this gospel changes lives. I have seen it
happen. I have seen the gospel help marriages, make people happier,
help people with school, help people find work, and so much more. I
know that God wants to bless us. And that when we sin, or reject God,
He is hurt. But He wants us to come back to Him. I know that Jesus
Christ died for us, so that we can live again. I know that the
priesthood is the power of God, and that miracles happen in our days.
I know that God blesses us more than we could ever know.

 I love you all! And until next week!

-Elder Jesse Dye

Week of Cold, Sushi, and Manresa


7 November 2016

First off, thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts and emails!
I really enjoy reading them, let us begin.
I went to Manresa again this week for an intercambio. It was really
great , I love Manresa because it is small. It’s also super pretty and
in mountains. I love the mountains. Anyway, the intercambio was great,
I was with Elder Ormsby. He is from New Zealand. I also picked up his
accent. I have said «sweet as» over these past few days. I’ll send
some pictures from Manresa.
It is getting colder! And this week is transfer week. So we will see
what happens. If I go North, it will be super windy, snowy and cold.
If I go south, it will still be cold but less. And if I stay in
Terrassa, it will be cold anyway. But I’m exited to see what is going
to happen this week. Although it is sad because I really like my
companion and the Piso that I am in with the other elders.
MOM! I made some Colombian food with some Colombians this week! We
made arrepas, they were good, and I helped make them. And I can say
that I will make them throughout my mission. I will post a video with
me actually cooking. There basically like bread and pancakes had a
baby. You put butter on them, or eat them with other things.
Speaking of food. I had sushi for the first time ever. It really
wasn’t that great. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I’m not really
that much of a mariscos person.
The family that we are teaching is going great. The 3 sons are like
little Messi’s. We played futbol sala ( futbol on hard ground with
smaller goals) and I was in their team. We had about 30 people there
and we won 7 games in a row. 7, they are super good. I’m just sitting
there in the goal, in shock, watching them destroy everyone. All I can
say is I’m pretty good at throwing my body in the path of the ball.

It’s worth it.

Anyway, we have grown really close to this family through futbol. They
all love it, and we have a good connection  with them. I’m sure that
they will be baptized. But meanwhile, I’ll be on their team, blocking
balls with my face.

Anything for the baptism!

Thank you all for your support. I love you all, and pray for all of
you every day. Keep in the faith, and don’t have fear. Have Faith.

Hasta luego!

-Elder Jesse Dye


Week of Halloween, Futbol, and Baptism!


31 October 2016

First of all, not a lot of things happened this week, or I just don’t
remember them. So this email might be a little short. But let’s get

Happy Halloween! 🎃👻👹 it is today! Too bad nobody here in Spain
celebrates it! Also, good luck to my friend Erik for receiving his
mission call! He is going to Mexico, Mexico City south mission! He is
leaving Valentine’s Day! Hasta luego!

Next, 5 weeks ago we found this woman on the street, she was a Jehovahs
Witness. So at first she didn’t want anything. But we talked to her
and she became interested. We got her data and she lived 2 streets out
of our area.
So that was a bummer.
So we be obedient, and give her to the hermanas. Yesterday, she, and
her husband, were baptized. It was a great experience, and before they
had a lot of questions, super hard ones like, «Why can’t women receive
the priesthood? Why did the mormons practice polygamy? And the main
one. Why is Jehova Jesus Christ?» and they were able to get answers.
They are super good, and have great testimonies. The Elders got to
baptize them, I didn’t get picked by them, but as long as they get
baptized, I don’t care!

Today we were able to play futbol with some of our investigators.
While we were playing I Just kept thinking that this is the way we are
going to make friends with  them and teach them. Futbol saves souls! 
(and so does Pokémon go….. I’ve found a lot of people by asking them
about Pokémon go, and stuff like that.)

Thursday we went to Vacarises by Monserrat, to teach a woman. And
there are these awesome mountains, and I got a picture with them! They
remind me of home because everything is relatively flat here except
for buildings. So it was good for me to be in the mountains. We also
got lost looking for the train station, and we ran around for about 2
miles. It was an adventure.

I have learned so much out here in my mission. Especially about the
Gospel. And how true it is and how perfect the plan of God is. I have
learned how true the Bible is with the Book of Mormon. And I have
learned a lot about how real the apostasy was. There are so many
things that are so wrong. And the people in the churches don’t even
know it. We had this catholic man telling us that his church went
perfectly with the Bible. And that is why he is in the church. We then
pulled out the 10 commandments and looked at number 1 and 2. He looked
at it, and waved it off. Then kept saying that our church was wrong.
Throughout this experience I just wanted him to know the truth, and be
happy. I know that this church is the true church. And that it brings
happiness. I know that if we follow the commandments, God has promised
us blessings. I know that God is wanting, and waiting to bless you.
Just pull down your pride, and take his hand. I love all of you, thank
you for your emails, and I will talk to you next week!

-Elder Jesse Dye