Week of Halloween, Futbol, and Baptism!


31 October 2016

First of all, not a lot of things happened this week, or I just don’t
remember them. So this email might be a little short. But let’s get

Happy Halloween! 🎃👻👹 it is today! Too bad nobody here in Spain
celebrates it! Also, good luck to my friend Erik for receiving his
mission call! He is going to Mexico, Mexico City south mission! He is
leaving Valentine’s Day! Hasta luego!

Next, 5 weeks ago we found this woman on the street, she was a Jehovahs
Witness. So at first she didn’t want anything. But we talked to her
and she became interested. We got her data and she lived 2 streets out
of our area.
So that was a bummer.
So we be obedient, and give her to the hermanas. Yesterday, she, and
her husband, were baptized. It was a great experience, and before they
had a lot of questions, super hard ones like, «Why can’t women receive
the priesthood? Why did the mormons practice polygamy? And the main
one. Why is Jehova Jesus Christ?» and they were able to get answers.
They are super good, and have great testimonies. The Elders got to
baptize them, I didn’t get picked by them, but as long as they get
baptized, I don’t care!

Today we were able to play futbol with some of our investigators.
While we were playing I Just kept thinking that this is the way we are
going to make friends with  them and teach them. Futbol saves souls! 
(and so does Pokémon go….. I’ve found a lot of people by asking them
about Pokémon go, and stuff like that.)

Thursday we went to Vacarises by Monserrat, to teach a woman. And
there are these awesome mountains, and I got a picture with them! They
remind me of home because everything is relatively flat here except
for buildings. So it was good for me to be in the mountains. We also
got lost looking for the train station, and we ran around for about 2
miles. It was an adventure.

I have learned so much out here in my mission. Especially about the
Gospel. And how true it is and how perfect the plan of God is. I have
learned how true the Bible is with the Book of Mormon. And I have
learned a lot about how real the apostasy was. There are so many
things that are so wrong. And the people in the churches don’t even
know it. We had this catholic man telling us that his church went
perfectly with the Bible. And that is why he is in the church. We then
pulled out the 10 commandments and looked at number 1 and 2. He looked
at it, and waved it off. Then kept saying that our church was wrong.
Throughout this experience I just wanted him to know the truth, and be
happy. I know that this church is the true church. And that it brings
happiness. I know that if we follow the commandments, God has promised
us blessings. I know that God is wanting, and waiting to bless you.
Just pull down your pride, and take his hand. I love all of you, thank
you for your emails, and I will talk to you next week!

-Elder Jesse Dye




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