Cargar Tio


28 November 2016

 This is a HUGE THING in Cataluña. I want you all to make one of these.
It means ” pooping uncle” and it is a tradición and culture. It’s just
a dried log, with two arms, a hat, and a face. If you want, you can
put a blanket over it to keep it warm. Back in the day everyone was
poor, and had nothing. So this time of year, everyone needed a cargar
tío. What you do is get a smaller stick, and hit the back of the
cargar tío, to make it poop bark. Or fall apart.

And that is all

and you have to yell ” cargar tío” while you are abusing this poor
little log, the whole time.

I want EVERYONE to get yourselves one of these. They are great. 👍

PS, don’t forget to feed the cargar tío first.

Have fun

-Elder Jesse Dye


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