Week of Intercambios, Muslims, and more…..


5 December 2016

First of all, if you haven’t made a cargar tío, get on that. It will
bring the magic of Christmas directly into your homes and your hearts.
Glenn is my witness. As soon as he gets a face on that little log, it
will be like the windows of Christmas have been opened.

Cargar tío = ⛄️ 🌲 🎄 🎅 ❄️ ☃️🌨

Let us begin

To be honest, really nothing has happened this week that is out of the
ordinary. We had two intercambios this week. I had one with Elder
Mallet and another one with Elder Ormsby. The one with Elder Mallet
was good because we were able to come in contact with an investigator
that we had lost contact with. We talked to him, and set a day that we
can come back. In the other intercambio I also learned a lot. This is
where the Muslim part comes in.
To start it off, I know a lot about The Muslim religion.

A lot.

Like, to the point where I am learning the Arabic language, and
answering other people’s questions about what the Muslims believe in.

But anyway, so all of our visits fired and we were stuck in Les Fonts
(the old village with the castle) and we had no one to visit or pass
by. So we decided the only thing we could do was do some good old door
knocking. We found a lot of old, crazy people. Including a lady we
found on the street that talked to herself constantly. But whilst
knocking doors (again) we found a family of Muslims. Surprisingly,
they both spoke really good Spanish… better than me, but they have
10 years here…anyway, we found this family and had a good old talk.
I talked to them about what the Muslims believe in, and what the
Mormons believe in also. We had a nice little talk about the Koran and
the Book Of Mormon. They eventually invited us in to eat a little of
their Muslim food. I’ll put a picture. They said that we were very
nice, and that they almost didn’t open the door. They looked through
and thought we were selling something, so they didn’t want to open it.
But then they did. And we were both edified. That helped me see that
the best way to approach people about their religion, is to know a
little about theirs, and not try to be mean, or forte. Keep an open
mind, and the Spirit will help you.

I also finished the Book of Mormon today. I really love the last two
books of the Book of Mormon. I challenge you all to focus on the Book
of Mormon. Because it will bring the spirit into your life.

And also make a cargar tío.

I love you all, and thank you for your emails and love! Until next week!

I’m sending a picture of me eating something. It’s called Indio
viejo….. translates to ” old Indian” … it was pretty good.



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