Week of Rain, Hippopotamus, and Paraguayan Family


19 December 2016

Hello my friends! I hope you are enjoying this wonderful Christmas
season. Because I sure am! And I hope all of your cargar tíos are fed,
and pooping! Because Connor and Glenn’s sure are!

Let us begin.

This week it rained  4 days out of 7. And one of the days, I was not
prepared. Streets flooded, and people were hiding under everything
that they could find. But as missionaries we share our message of God
in sun, snow, sleet, wind, floods, fire, pestilence, sickness, Catalan
holidays, and cold weather. It Was raining very hard, like I said, I
was not prepared, and I ended up getting soaked that day. We got into
a Piso, and I took a picture in the elevator. Next to my dry

I regret nothing.

This week we also went to ” the miracle store” we call it. Because
whenever we go to that store, we find a miracle there. So we were
there, and we contacted a lady from Paraguay, we talked about mate
with her, and she invited us to her house to drink mate. So we went
over there, and there was a family of 7 there. Waiting for us. So we
get in there, talk about mate, and then they bring the mate out. Quick
story about mate. The people that drink mate, especially serious
people like those from Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay, get offended
very easily. I’m talking about, if you drink from the bombilla wrong,
if you tilt it wrong, if you hand it back wrong, if you make a weird
face after drinking it, even if you look at the mate wrong, they will
throw you out of their house, and never talk to you again. Elder Fix
knows. So you have to be very careful about that.

I’m serious, these people would die for their mate.

Anyway, we got there, and I’m so ready, because Elder Ipsen trained me
for this. So elder Ipsen drinks the mate no problem, perfectly. And
then it comes to me, I take it and take a fat rip from the bombilla,
and I burned my mouth like I never had before. But I play it off super
cool, and finish it off. At that point, when the mate came to me
again, I couldn’t even taste the flavor, and it wasn’t as hot anymore.
Because my mouth couldn’t get any more burnt 🔥. But it’s good now. A
few days after that experience, I had blisters on my tounge, but I’m
good now. I also learned the technique so I don’t burn my mouth again.
We are meeting with them today after emailing, so it was worth it.
Anything for the baptism.

We found a hippopotamus statue in a park today. For preparation day we
went for a walk around a park with our district. It was actually
really fun because I could do some parkour moves that I Had not done
for a while. It was a nice little break. We also found this crazy guy
that was standing next to a spout coming out of a stone wall. While We
were watching him, he started punching the wall. Hard. He kept
punching it until his hands started bleeding, then he would wash it
off with the spout, and keep punching the wall.

We left that area pretty quick.

Transfers are this week, and we will see what happens. Elder Ipsen
only has 1 transfer left ( because he extended his mission) and I
don’t think they will keep me here, because if they do, I would have
to stay in Terrassa for 5 transfers, which is a long time. I will tell
you all what happens on Tuesday when I email.

Thanks for all the love, and packages! I hope all of you are watching
the light the world videos, and doing the challenge! Have a Bon Nadal!

-Elder Jesse Dye



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