Week of Christmas, Dogs, and Angry People


28 November 2016

Hello my friends, how’s it going? For me, this week has been pretty
crazy, but that is basically normal now. Vamos a saber.

First of all, it was Thanksgiving, and all of us totally forgot! But
one of us remembered and we went to McDonald’s.

Not the best Thanksgiving feast that I’ve had, but it was good. We
were full when we walked out of there, and we were thankful. So
mission accomplished I guess.

Also, it is getting colder and colder here. Also very rainy, the other
day we didn’t have an umbrella, and it started raining really hard.
Really hard. The streets started to flood and cars were having a hard
time driving on the roads because the water was so deep. And there I
was with my companion. Sharing this tiny umbrella, in the poring rain
☔️. It was fun. But it’s really hard to find souls to teach when the
water is up to your shoes when you walk. So we went to a random Piso
and knocked on the timbre. The grandma that let us in felt bad for us
and opened the front door. So we decided to knock on the doors in that
building. While We were knocking, and I was getting pretty tired of
this rain, and everyone rejecting us, and the language. So I started
to pray that we would be able to see a miracle. Or at least somebody
would open a door, and listen to our message. Right when I finished,
this man opened the door, and invited us in. The lights were out in
his house, but we didn’t care. We taught him why we are here, and
showed him a Mormon message. We have a return visit with him.
That was just a little testimony builder for me, that God answers our
prayers, in HIS way. And in HIS time. Just be patient.

The other day we were knocking doors again, and this one lady thought
that we were Jehovahs Witnesses. So she got mad and she slammed the
door in out faces. But just before she slammed her door on us, her
little tiny dog walked halfway out the door to look at us, just in
time to get its body slammed in the door. Apparently the lady thought
that one of us stuck out foot in the door to stop it, so in her anger,
she opened the door and slammed it again, just in time to catch the
dogs neck in the doorway, as the dog was trying to back up to get out
of the way. 🐶 🚪

That dog may have died. I don’t know, she slammed that door super
hard, and that was a tiny dog! I have no clue, but we’re not going
back there.

Anyway, thanks for the emails, and the love! Until next week!

-Elder Jesse Dye



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