Week of Cold, and Transfers!


15 November 2016

Hello everybody! This week went by great! We had transfers so that is
why I am one day late! Let us begin.

Shoutout to all of my friends who are about to leave in their
missions! Glenn, Erik, Kayden, and Tristan in a while! And Conner who
is out! (the elder from a faraway land) in Nashville
 Tennessee! Spread the gospel!

Also, if you want to send me a package, (who wouldn’t?   🙂  ) send it
to the mission home! It is a lot safer, and the correos people have a
lot of experience with the mission home! Thanks!

First, nothing happened with the transfers, my companion and I are
still in Terrassa. The thing is, it’s getting colder here. Every day
is sweater day and sometimes a little more! I thought it would be

Something cool that happened this week, is that we stayed with Leo at
a family history activity. We were not planning on doing this. We were
actually planning on leaving early. But we stayed and when it was
over, we went a different way than we usually go to our area. On the
way there we contacted a couple that didn’t want anything at first. So
we kept talking to them and eventually they opened up. The man kept
saying that he doesn’t believe in God. But he believes in an energy.
And how 50% of life is the will of this energy, and 50% is chance. and
then told us that they decided to go a different way home that day for
some reason. I was able to bear my testimony that I knew that that
wasn’t chance, and that God wanted them to listen to us. They
eventually accepted a BOM and said they would read it. That helped my
testimony this week.

One thing that went down this week, was our recent convert Leo and I
blessed the sacrament. Both of us for the first time in Spanish. It
was really cool to see Leo up there, sitting beside me ready to bless
the sacrament. I know that this gospel changes lives. I have seen it
happen. I have seen the gospel help marriages, make people happier,
help people with school, help people find work, and so much more. I
know that God wants to bless us. And that when we sin, or reject God,
He is hurt. But He wants us to come back to Him. I know that Jesus
Christ died for us, so that we can live again. I know that the
priesthood is the power of God, and that miracles happen in our days.
I know that God blesses us more than we could ever know.

 I love you all! And until next week!

-Elder Jesse Dye


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