Week of Cold, Sushi, and Manresa


7 November 2016

First off, thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts and emails!
I really enjoy reading them, let us begin.
I went to Manresa again this week for an intercambio. It was really
great , I love Manresa because it is small. It’s also super pretty and
in mountains. I love the mountains. Anyway, the intercambio was great,
I was with Elder Ormsby. He is from New Zealand. I also picked up his
accent. I have said «sweet as» over these past few days. I’ll send
some pictures from Manresa.
It is getting colder! And this week is transfer week. So we will see
what happens. If I go North, it will be super windy, snowy and cold.
If I go south, it will still be cold but less. And if I stay in
Terrassa, it will be cold anyway. But I’m exited to see what is going
to happen this week. Although it is sad because I really like my
companion and the Piso that I am in with the other elders.
MOM! I made some Colombian food with some Colombians this week! We
made arrepas, they were good, and I helped make them. And I can say
that I will make them throughout my mission. I will post a video with
me actually cooking. There basically like bread and pancakes had a
baby. You put butter on them, or eat them with other things.
Speaking of food. I had sushi for the first time ever. It really
wasn’t that great. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I’m not really
that much of a mariscos person.
The family that we are teaching is going great. The 3 sons are like
little Messi’s. We played futbol sala ( futbol on hard ground with
smaller goals) and I was in their team. We had about 30 people there
and we won 7 games in a row. 7, they are super good. I’m just sitting
there in the goal, in shock, watching them destroy everyone. All I can
say is I’m pretty good at throwing my body in the path of the ball.

It’s worth it.

Anyway, we have grown really close to this family through futbol. They
all love it, and we have a good connection  with them. I’m sure that
they will be baptized. But meanwhile, I’ll be on their team, blocking
balls with my face.

Anything for the baptism!

Thank you all for your support. I love you all, and pray for all of
you every day. Keep in the faith, and don’t have fear. Have Faith.

Hasta luego!

-Elder Jesse Dye



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