Week of Rain, Work, and Rain!


21 November 2016

Que tal, que tal, que tal. As you know from the title, thus week it rained a lot. It is getting darker sooner, and we got a new elder in our Piso. His name is elder Downs and he is from the faraway land of Lehi, Utah. I actually used to be the home teacher of his step-mom in Saratoga Springs! Small world! Let us begin.

This week we did a lot of contacting in order to grow our teaching pool. We found a bunch of people, and walked a lot. we found a missionary of an evangelical church and he had a lot of questions, he read the entire Book of Mormon. And we gave him a DyC. He is now reading it. I am exited to see what happens with him. We had a cita scheduled with him last week, and we divided to call him and see if he was still free for the cita. So we called him and he said no, he didn’t want to talk with us. We were suprised, and we went to a different cita. Halfway through this backup cita, we got a call, and it was Juan. He was calling us wondering where we were. So it turns out since everyone’s name is Juan, we ended up calling the wrong Juan.


But last week we were writing out emails and we hear the doorbell, so we go check, and it was Juan! He just randomly decided to pass by and we were there. We were able to set up another cita, and give him the DyC. That was pretty cool.

We were teaching Carina this week, and we were taking about receiving answers to prayers, and it they should be baptized. While I was talking to them about how they can receive answers, I just started feeling so much love for them that it felt like my heart was growing. I actually started crying. I went on to say that we wanted them to be happy, and find this happiness for this time on the earth, and the next life. At the time it was spiritual, but I feel a little weird about it now. Oh well, they weren’t weirded out too much.

I have a little message this week, because nothing really happened! Here it is,

Look at this scripture,

3 Nephi 13: 24 No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and Mammon.

We can choose 2 things, we can choose the things of God, to follow God, and obey and do things that he has asked us. Or we can choose the other path. We can choose the things of this world, worldly things, that are of worth to God.

To put it simply, you can worship God, or you can worship worldly things such as, money, school, friends, video games, or your phone. Yes. When you give more time to your phone than God, you are worshiping your phone over God.

But when should we choose, when should we change our life for the better?

This scripture explains it.

Alma 30: 8 For thus saith the scripture: Choose ye this day, whom ye will serve.

Pretty clear. I challenge all of you, to ONLY GO ON YOUR PHONE WHEN YOU HAVE A SPECIFIC REASON. You can do so many other things, you can read a book, study, read the scriptures, strengthen your testimony, draw, make a song, actually talk to people, you can do whatever. But you can probably be more productive than you are right now.

I have learned so much, and I’m talking  SO MUCH  on my mission so far. A lot. More than I ever learned in seminary or church. My testimony has grown stronger by reading the scriptures and praying about them. Sometimes having a ponder session with some mate and ” if you could hie to Kolob (piano edition)”.

Really though, I challenge you to really think about, and pray about your testimony. And see what you can do to strengthen it. I love you all, and have a good week.

Until next time!

-Elder Jesse Dye (o sea guapitone)



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