Week of Pipe Flute, Jamón, and Baptism


October 24, 2016

If you can’t tell already, his week has been pretty strange, let us begin!
First of all, Elder Nelson came to our stake center, and we were able
to have a mission-wide conference with him! He is amazing, we were
able to talk about many things, about missionary work, and scriptures
in general. One of the things he talked about was how God calls the
unlikely, to do the impossible. And it was great. We also talked about
how by small means, the lord can bring to pass great things. And the
last thing that we talked about was Judges 8. About the army of
150.000 against 300. And the ratio was 500:1 we then talked about how
the minority won because of their faith in Christ. He then talked
about the world right now. There are about 7 billion people in the
world right now. And about 14 million fully active members in the
church. And do you know the ratio? 500:1. The same. It was amazing. We
need to make sure that we keep on this straight and narrow path, and
if we are not on it,
Get on it. It is the way to happiness right now, and later.
 Another thing that happened is we had a BAPTISM this week! His name
is Leo and we found him 5 weeks ago! He got baptized 2 days ago! He is
amazing and likes the church. He bore his testimony at his baptism,
and it was so great. He said that he never thought he would be here.
And he thanked us. I am so glad that we were able to help him get
baptized, and start on he path that God wants him to be on.
Today we bought a Jamón leg! I’ll post some pictures…. it’s just an
uncooked, cured front leg of a pig. And you cut off little slices and
eat it. Its a huge thing here.
On the way to Barcelona for the conference, we were in this metro and
this man pulls out a microphone and a HUGE pipe flute. He then started
trying to play «sound of silence» and it was awesome, not because the
music was good, but he looked super weird with his head moving around.
I’ll send a video. It was awesome.
I don’t have a lot to say this week. But my testimony is growing
stronger everyday, especially when I have to defend my church in
Spanish :). Thank you for the emails and prayers. I love you all!

-Elder Jesse Dye



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