Week of Sweaters and Miracles


17 October 2016

This week has been crazy, as always. I have a lot going on here. Let’s start.

First of all, we have been teaching this man Leo. He going to school for an aerospace degree. He Is 23 and he has a baptismal fecha for this week. It’s really cool because we have been going to this young couples house for a family home evening, they are members and are super active. But we’ve had lessons and games with them and Leo. Yesterday they told us that them doing his with us has really helped their family, so we got to help the family and Leo as well.

Another thing we had happen this week, was we found a family in the street, and we were able to get a return visit, there’s 6 of them. they are super good and 4 have a fecha. Anyway, so we were in a lesson with them, and it went super long. So long that we were late to our next appointment with another family with fechas. So we get over to our appointment, and we are late. We get in, apologize, and say the opening prayer. Right when we finish the opening prayer, the husband Luis walks in. And he was able to hear the lesson, feel the spirit, and learn how to pray. Afterwards we were talking to each other, and we learned that we were both praying that Luis would be able to attend the lessons. Because he never was able to attend before. Thy also came to church yesterday and they loved it! They have fechas for the 29th.

We had a zone enfoque this week, and I used elder Nadlers wheelchair for a bit. That was fun. Another noteworthy thing is it is officially sweater-weather. It is cold sometimes, and rains as well. We also ate a fruit called a Kake. It is pretty good. You cut it in half and scoop out the insides. They are found in Dominican Republic. But they are here, because everyone from EVERYWHERE live in Spain. There are so many different cultures here, it’s super different. For Preparation day this week we went to the capilla in Sabadell and played futbol. It was actually really fun, because I’m getting to the point where I’m actually not bad at this game.

I am having some different experiences and learning a lot. I have also met some of the weirdest people in Spain this week. We turned a corner, and there was a man with both of his hands around a tree, strangling it with his eyes closed, silent. So we decide that everybody needs the gospel. So we talk to him and say that we are missionaries. He opens his eyes and looks at us, lets go of the tree and says “tengo prisa” which basically means, “I’m in a hurry, or I don’t have time.” And he walks away. 

Anyway, the mission is going good. I am learning about a lot of things, and trying to learn a new language. The language is going  good. I’m getting to the point where I can understand mostly everything. My trainer and the other missionaries. Perfectly. But some people…… let’s just say it sounds like they have a sock in their mouth and they’re trying to talk to me. But it’s going good. Until next week!

-Elder Jesse Dye



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