Week of Spanish Food, Investigators, and Transfers

4 October 2016
Hola! This week was the end of the transfer, but don’t worry I’m not going anywhere 🙂 I’m staying right here in Terrassa. Anyway, is week was really good. I was able to watch general conference….. In Spanish, so that was different. But what I got out of it the most was that you don’t need a chapa to be a missionary. You can do missionary work in your own homes or you own street. Share the gospel! Even better, you can pray for opportunities to be able to share your testimony about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s not that hard. Just open your mouth and the lord will be with you.
This week was good. I was able to do s intercambio with elder ball, a Zone leader! He’s really good. We went super hard and got 4 news, one fecha bautismal and 8 other lessons! It was super good. 
We had a lesson with Italo and the first thing that he told us, was that he knows that the Book of Mormon is true. He said, ” this book tells me what I need to do right know, and it tells me what I need to know right now. ” we almost freaked out but we were able to hold it in. We had a really good lesson about the importance of the book of Mormon, and then he went on vacation. The Book of Mormon is a super big part in conversion.
I ate some arrepas from Columbia yesterday, I’ll send a picture, they were super good. Also, if you don’t know what jamón is, look it up. It is HUGE here! I’ve seen jamón sell for over 200 €, it’s pretty crazy. I also consumed another fuet this week, if you don’t know what fuet is, …
It’s basically a stick of meat, to be honest, I don’t really know what it is. But it’s good!
We had a super good lesson with a Columbian family. They said they didn’t want a lesson when we found them on the road, but she said we could eat arrepas with them, so we ate arrepas. And I guess they forgot they didn’t want a lesson, cause they asked about our beliefs… So we dropped a fat lesson 1 and it was amazing! They are really interested.
We have some pretty sweet jokes in Spanish, I’ll try to send the video. I’m also glad they we have some elders here just as funny as me 🙂 I’ll send a video.
The mission is the hardest, best thing I have ever done I know that this Church is the church of God. And he has a plan for us, and I know, that through his son. We can become clean, if we let us. Until next week!
-Elder Jesse Dye

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