Week of Old Men, the FBI, and Rain


26 September 2016

Wow, this week was crazy! Let us begin.

There are a lot of old people here. A lot. And none of them can really
hear or see very well. So when we are contacting on the street, it’s
not uncommon to see to old guys, standing about 6 inches away from
each other, yelling at the top of their lungs and gesturing wildly
with their hands. It’s pretty funny actually. The only time when its
not very funny is when you start contacting them, and they get really
close to you and start yelling in your face. They forget that you
aren’t deaf too. I Also stopped a fight the other week. These guys
were yelling and on of them was like, poking the other really hard in
the shoulder, and stuff. And I don’t know why, but I walked up to them
and said, hello we are missionaries and started talking to them, and
the one guy got uncomfortable and walked away. I make a lot of people
walk away from me every day, but this one was extra good!

People think we are the police, or the FBI. one guy came around a
corner, and we were there. He stopped in his tracks, screamed, turned
around, and ran away. Then we just hear people talking about us and
why the FBI is here again. It’s really funny.

There is a different type of meat here, it’s called jamón. It’s
basically a cured leg of a pig. And it’s awesome! It looks really
strange though. Everybody eats it here, especially the old men. It’s
like their blood. I also ate some paella!  It was seafood paella, and
I don’t really like seafood but it was ok. It had shrimp, crab, little
mussels, octopus, and I don’t really know what the other stuff
Anyway, I felt super Spanish, with my green olives, Coke, para de pan,
and my paella. We also had flan after. I’ll post a picture.

The parkour class was this week! It was harder than I thought. I had
to try to teach it in Spanish. But in the end, I think I just ended up
looking like an idiot that knows how to do parkour. But it was good.
It also Rained a lot this week. One night after corination, we had to
put on giant garbage bags, and run through the flooded streets. We
were garbage sack ninjas. I also had all of our stuff in a garbage bag
slung over my shoulder, so I guess I looked more like a garbage sack

We got another fecha this week! His name is Leo, and he’s awesome!
Dang, the mission has taught me so much, I am super glad that I am
here! I guess here’s my thought…
John 17:3 says,
“And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true
God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.”

I would like for all you to think, how can someone love another
person. Does it come from a substance, secret, or formula? If we look
at it scientifically it’s created through feelings and thoughts we
have towards this person. So the way to create love is I would say
maybe if you all agree, it comes from spending time, creating these
feelings and thoughts towards this person. Well it’s the same way
towards God. He is no spirit or energy, he is a exalted perfect man, a
man in which we can know and talk to. I would then ask you all the
question, how can you spend time with God? Here’s an answer, you can
know God through reading the scriptures, praying, and obeying the
commandments he has set. If we do these things, we can grow closer,
and closer to God.

I know that this church is true, I know God loves us, and knows us
personally, I know that if you pray with a broken heart and a contrite
spirit, you can receive revelation from God.

Hasta luego!

-Elder Jesse Dye



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