Conference, Rice, and El Libro de los Martillos


10 October 2016

Hello my amigos! This week has been pretty great and filled with a
bunch of stuff. Let’s get started shall we?

First of all my companion has been pretty sick this week I’m pretty
sure he ate some bad paella last week and this week he’s been having
some problems with his stomach. Probably food poisoning. Anyway his
stomach has been pretty weak and we had to go and eat some food with
some members. So we get there and there are two giant plates of rice,
mixed with vegetables and different types of meat. So we start eating
the food and Elder Ipsen starts the 20 minute restauración movie. But
anyways let me tell you, this food was the absolute worst food I have
ever eaten in my life. And we had 2 giant plates of it. So I choke
mine down and I look at Elder Ipsen, he just looks at me and says
“Elder, I need your help.” I look down at his food, and he could only
eat a few bites of his food, because his stomach is sensitive because
of his sickness. So I decide to be a man, I look him right in the
eyes, and I said “haga lo” (do it) So, we did a nice little
switch-plate tactic. And I ended up with another full plate of nasty
rice. The movie ended, and the member saw that I had a full, heaping
plate of nasty rice and mystery meat. She then asked me if I knew how
to eat in the dark. I said yes, but I was watching the movie. I ended
up eating so much that I was sweating and I felt super nauseous. I
eventually had to eat some weird little chips with every bite to mask
the taste. Truthfully, it was awful. But It did fill me up, and I
didn’t have to eat for a while after that.

We were contacting and we contacted this one lady from Ecuador. We
asked her if she had ever seen missionaries like us and she said no,
so we talked about the plan of salvation a little bit, and afterword
she told us that when she was walking up the road she was praying that
God would put on angel in her path so she could know the truth. And
then we contacted her. She also said that she recognized my companion
from somewhere, but she had never talked to any Mormons before. It was
pretty awesome. We got her phone number and we will see what Happens
with her.

General conference was really good. Even though it was a little hard
to understand because we were watching in Spanish, I still got a lot
out of it. And I am now reading the general conference talks in
English. The ones I’ve liked the most have been Craig C. Christensen, D.
Devin Cornish, and Neil L. Anderson. But I thought it was interesting
that it was mentioned several times, that the members need to work
with the missionaries together. That it’s a group effort. I also loved
the prophet’s talk.

We have eaten some pealla this week, (not bad ones) and played some
futbol with some members and investigators. It’s breath great.

anyway, this week has been good. The language is hard, but I’m trying
to get it down. I’m super glad that I have the opportunity to be out
here on a mission, and that we could watch out prophet, and apostles,
and seventy speak the words of God. I love this gospel, and I know it
is making me a better person. God is wanting you to return to him. His
hand is always extended. Take it. I love you all! Until next week!

  – Élder Jesse Dye



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