Week of rain, miracles, and crazy people… Again


12 September 2016

Wow, this week was crazy! So much happened I don’t even know where to
begin, there were some crazy clouds here these past few days, I will
post some pictures, and apparently they were rain clouds, because it
POURED. We were out on the road contacting. We were soaked! We started
talking to these people and they basically said, what are you doing
out here!? It’s raining! Then ran away. My companion just turns to me
and says ” we are missionaries, even in the rain.” I thought that was
a really good point.

We had a fat miracle this week. Flashback to week 1. We were
contacting on the street, and we meet this family and find out that
the mother is a member, but a less active, and the father isn’t even a
member. And they have 2 twin babies. And they are interested. So we
get their number, and are super pumped. Throughout the next week we
try to call them, and they don’t answer. And we don’t have their
address. So we are sad, and can’t do anything more. Tuesday we
contacted this woman, and she gave us her address. So the next day we
go there, and find out that it doesn’t exist. We are in a random part
of town that we have never been to before. So we go to a random Piso
door, and strangely, we push on it and it was unlocked, so we go to
door knock. And on the seventh door we knocked, I knew this man. He
invited us In, and it was Rood! We are now teaching them. Straight

I’m reading Jacob 5 and it’s super good! It took me 3 days to get
through it! I went in and studied super deep. I encourage you to read
it! Found some more weird food… Pig face. It’s called careta. We had
an intercambio and I was with elder Muñoz. He’s in my Piso and really
funny. We were able to get a Testigo family to church! They were a
last contact and we got their information. But they live in the
Hermanas area…… Well what can you do. Also, mate is a big thing
here, people just sit and drink mate as a social thing. I hate it so
every once in a while I successfully pass it to the next person
without anybody noticing, it’s a fun, but risky game. Jose is in the
picture with the mate, he has his mission papers in! He’s really

Called to serve is super cool in Spanish, it means a totally different
thing that is really interesting.

“We are called today to serve, to give testimony of Jesus. We go into a
world of darkness to proclaim the light. Focus, everyone focus. We
will sing in Union. Ready, always ready, to Sing the song. We all will
Sing, our joy is triumphant. God gives us power, to fight in the
celestial cause.”

I love the mission! I am learning so much about the gospel, the world,
and myself. I’m also learning so much about the plan that our loving
Heavenly Father has in store for us. I know if we be baptized, repent,
and endure to the end, we will be happy in this life, and the next. I
know that we lived before this life, and we weren’t just spirits
floating around. We were us. We are here on this earth, to become like
we were before. And I know, if we stand above the waves of the world,
we will be Happy. Temporally, and eternally. If you fall in, Jesus is
right there. Waiting for you to take his hand. I love you all. And I
know that this church is true. Read the scriptures, continue praying,
follow the commandments, and endure to the end. If You do so, you will
find true happiness. The mission is hard, and I’ve just started! but it
is already the best thing I have ever done. Until next week, gue le
vaya bien!

-Elder Jesse Dye



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