Week of Crazy People, and the Spirit

5 September 2016
Hello all! Thank you to everybody who has written me! It really means
a lot! I think I have written everybody back who has emailed me!First off, let’s just start with HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BRYNNA! Big ol’ 16.
She’s so big. Anyway, this week was really interesting, we had a lot
of miracles, and a lot of fun.We were contacting this guy and I Asked him if he believes in God. And
he kind of got mad at me and said “yo solo creo en cosas que puedo
ver” which is, I only believe in things that I can see. When people
say this, I have this thing that I do. I say, “do you believe in
Gravity?” They of course say yes, and I drop my planner. I then say,
“where is gravity? you can’t see it.” Then they say, I know, but I can
feel it. I then go on to say how that you can feel God also, through
prayer and scripture reading with faith. And at this point they either
walk away, or become interested. But with this man. I saw him open up,
and talk with us, and also accept a pamphlet. When we first started
talking to him he didn’t want to talk with us, but as the spirit
worked on him, his heart was able to be soft. And he listened to our
message. It was a really cool experience. And it’s really funny,
because elder Ipsen knows that I like to do this, and while the guy
was ranting about how he only believes in things that he can see,
elder Ipsen behind me was whispering, “get ’em, get him elder” it was
super funny.

 This drunk man also started yelling at us to get out of the city, and
following us and yelling at us. As we were talking to this other guy,
he came up behind us and started yelling at us to stop bothering the
people. The man that we were talking to got mad at the drunk and
started yelling at him to get off our backs. As the drunk was walking
away he was muttering how he’s going to beat us with a stick… It was
interesting. And also super funny.

We also had a lesson with a crazy guy who wouldn’t let my companion
speak. Only me. He also threw his phone on the floor and broke it. We
said a prayer with him and left. As we were leaving, he asked us if we
could cut his hair. And we said we did’t know how 🙂 because I really
don’t. We also saw him again the day after, and he had a tambourine
and was dancing in front of a mirror. He’s pretty weird.

We also were talking to this one lady, and she was a jehovas witness.
But as we were talking to her, she said that she doesn’t think that
their message was true, and she’s been to a lot of churches and she
doesn’t feel, in her heart that any are true. We were able to bear
testimony, and answer some of her questions. She said she will get
baptized when she knows, for sure, that it is true. So that is great!

We’ve had a lot of lessons, and I can’t wait to see them progress,
they are just beginning on the path of happiness. Don’t forget that.
This is the plan of happiness, and hope. You are so lucky to have it!
The ward here is great! And we have made a bunch of friends.

I am having a lot of fun, and learning a lot. I love the mission, and
I can’t wait until next week! I know that is church is true!

-Elder Jesse Dye



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