Week of Dreams, Contacting, and Contacting


19 September 2016

Hello everyone! It’s me again. This week was super good. We were able
to get a baptismal date with a joven! He’s 25 and his name is Italo.
His date is the 25 of October, we just gotta teach him the rest of the
lessons, and see how they go. On Friday we had a member of the 70, his
wife, and Elder Perry’s wife come talk to us. It was really good.
Elder Zwick talked about how to keep progressing throughout your
mission. I alto learned a new way to teach. We tried it out with
members and it actually worked out pretty good!

I found some old pictures of me contacting at the park during the CCM.
I took a picture of them, and I’ll send them. Also, we have contacted
so much, that I’m literally contacting in my sleep. Elder Muñoz woke
up to me saying “hola?, perdon?, Es que… Somos misioneros…..” And
I started talking about lessons in the Spanish that I know. I just
can’t get a break! 🙂

Spain is really awesome because there are SO MANY different cultures
here! He have people from Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Honduras,
Nigeria, Marwecos, Moracco, Columbia, Brazil, Chile, France, Mexico,
and a bunch of others! I am learning so many different cultures, and
even a few different languages. I talked to people in English, and
Castillano(Spanish). Even a little in Arrabic, and Catalan. (I also
tried to speak Italian to an Italian man, and that didn’t work). But
there are so many different people here, and I am learning a lot.

I really wish that I had read the scriptures more before my mission. I
know so much more now than I did before I left. A lot more. My
testimony of everything has grown tremendously. Also preach my gospel.
Read it. Elder Zwick said that his friend, for family home evening,
teaches his kids the lessons 1-4 in PMG. (The restoration, The plan of
salvation, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Commandments.) I
thought that was a really good idea. We saw a video of one of his
daughters, she taught the restoration so simply, and she already has a
testimony of it. It’s super good.

Also, an elder in my area for Preparation day was spinning on this
thing, and a little Chinese kid walked in the way, and he pateared him
right in his face…… I’ll send a picture.

The mission is super good. I am learning so much about everything! I
guess this is my little thought. Enjoy the now. I’ve always been too
worried about other things and
stuff. But now I realize that you should live in the present 🙂 the
other day I found myself missing my days In school being
awesome. But then the talk that I was playing said this. “The past is
to be learned from, not lived in.” And it really hit me. I know If we
stay in the now, we will be much happier. I love you all!

Since my Spanish is dragging along, I guess I’ll do this in Spanish.

Estoy aquí porque yo se que este iglesia es verdad. Yo tengo una
testimonio de prophetas y el libro de mormón, porque de José Smith. Yo
se que dios tiene un plan, un plan de felicidades y esperanza. Yo se
que este plan, es el mejor plan hay. Yo se que las familias pueden ser
eternas. Pero, tenemos que hacer nuestra parte. Leiendo las
escrituras, orando a Dios. Necesitamos fe. Yo se que  le gente en
España son mi hermanos y hermanas, y son hijos de Dios. Yo se que Dios
nos ama. Yo se que tenemos prophetas para que nosotros podamos recibir
las palabras de Dios. Os ama. En el nombre de Jesucristo amen.

-Élder Jesse Dye

Translation:I’m here because I know that this church is true. I have one
testimony of prophets and the Book of Mormon because Joseph Smith. I
I know God has a plan, a plan of happiness and hope. I know
This plan is the best plan there. I know that families can be
eternal. But we must do our part. Reading the
scriptures, praying to God. We need faith. I know you people in
Spain are my brothers and sisters, and are children of God. I know God
He loves us. I know that we have prophets so that we can receive
God’s words. He loves you. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.






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