CCM is awesome! I didn’t think it was possible, but it got HOTTER in Madrid! I’m pretty sure I’ve sweated out my weight in sweat a few times! I’m scheduled to get a haircut next week so, don’t worry about that dad! :), I loved the emails from the kids. It sounds like you guys are working hard, but having fun!

Again, I had a great experience in the park this week. So I was with Elder Packham, he’s pretty cool. So we were walking around the park and we were trying to talk to people but we kept getting shut down, and I couldn’t understand some people, and people were yelling at us because we were in their “part of the park”, and at one point I guess we interrupted this dudes Pokemon Go game and he yelled at us for 10 minutes. It was pretty exciting. At this point we only had 20 mins left till we had to sing and we hadn’t done anything basically. And I was getting discouraged, and I felt like a failure. So we were walking back to where we were going to sing, and I said to my companion “we’re going to find someone that is ready for us before we sing.” So we got to the fountain where we sing, and I felt like I need to talk to this guy on the sidewalk. So I start talking to him and he says he’s waiting for his friend, and he’s just chilling there. So I start talking to him and I eventually realize that he’s really interested, so I give him a Book of Mormon, a few pamphlets, and he promised me that he would read them. After that we were talking to him for a while, and his friend came. When he showed up I just kind of stared at him for a minute. I recognized him. I gave this guy a Book of Mormon last week. He smiled and asked me, “did you give him the book” I said I did, and then they walked away. It was awesome!

I know that sometimes the lord has a different path for you then you do. And I know it’s hard, but I know, that if you have faith, the Lord can bring to pass great things.

I have eaten many weird things this week, shark, squid, tomatoes, mussels and cured pork. It’s new for me but it’s awesome! We also went to the mall and I had the glorious opportunity to buy a Big Mac, that was a spiritual experience. The  missionaries leaving for Russia left yesterday, I know they will do great things in Russia.

I love my mission, and I’m not even out of the CCM! I have already grown Spiritually, Mentally, and 5 pounds physically! I know that this church is true. And I know that if we keep ourselves on the straight and narrow, we will get through life a lot easier. I love you all. Thank you for being such great examples to me. Te Amo!

-Elder Dye



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