First Week!

Thanks for everyone that has emailed me! I think my plan is that I’m going to email one email to my parents and they will be In charge of sending it to others ;). This week has been pretty great but very new. I am studying Spanish for four hours a day and making lessons for about two. Every day we have one hour for physical exercise, and I love that part! I’ve had many adventures already, I’ve proselyted at the park, done service at the temple, played fútbol, kicked locusts, and communicated with the people of Spain.

When we went to the park it was scary. It was the Saturday we were there, so we had been learning Spanish for a total of 4 days! It was exiting! People were treating me as if I had some disease and were backing away slowly, homeless people were yelling at us because we were trespassing on “their land” in the community park…. We got to teach people and give out cards though. Afterwards we sang by a fountain and that was pretty cool.

I’ve had many adventures with my compañero. Learning Spanish is the biggest so far. But one day when we were walking back from the pit ( we play fútbol there) we saw a GIANT locust. I walked by it and it almost jumped on Elder Steagall. That was funny. Also when we were teaching our investigators last night (fake ones of course) he decided to make a sentence on his own while I was teaching Manúela and Juan how to pray. It was something like “praying is not the only way to feel the Holy Ghost” but he didn’t know how to say “way” so he asked me and I said to just use the word “road, or path” which is “calle” so he did. And right after he said it both of our investigators started laughing. Hard. Like to the point of snorting. And afterwards we learned that instead of saying “road” he said “poop”.
He literally said. “It’s not the only poop…” It was more funny afterwards.

I’m still recovering from jet lag, which is fun. And we are all tired. But I absolutely love the elders in my district. There are four of us. My companion Elder Steagall is really funny. When he laughs ( sometimes he laughs at nothing ) everybody starts laughing. Elder Bodily likes basketball and medical stuff like me so we get along great. Elder Stratford is cool and he is our district leader he is good at fútbol and almost broke his legs on a short pointy wall last time we played ( I don’t go near that wall 🙂  . I’ll sent a picture if I can, I am typing this on an iPad so we’ll see how this goes.

We are actually going to Spain today for the first time! I’m exited to go and see the cathedrals and museums and stuff. It’s going to be pretty cool.

I know people here! Elder Nuebert is from my school, I know Hermana Lake, Hermana Carol lives in Pocatello and knew Katelynn, And Troy was her stake president. Hermana Neilson left before I got here, and I can’t remember her name right now but Jason was her seminary teacher. Elder Bowman is also here as well.

One thing i ALREADY wish I had done. Was not just read the Preach My Gospel. But study, and ponder on its contents. Start with a prayer. Yeah, I’m talking to you guys, Glenn, Tristan, Erik, Kayden, like my friend Shia always says… “JUST DO IT!” You can even do it as a group one night.

I’m really exited to be here, and I can’t wait to see what this next week brings. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. I miss you, but I love you all! Yo sé que Jesucristo es El Salvador y el Libro de Mormon es mug Verdadero. Yo sé que el Evangelio es y será una bendición para nos. yo sé que la Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Ultimos Dias is Verdadero. Los Amo!



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